Virtual Interview Tips

virtual interview tips

If you’re a jobseeker in 2024 and haven’t experienced a virtual interview yet, it’s only a matter of time before you do. While virtual interviews are commonly associated with remote roles, even hybrid and on-site positions may conduct initial stages online.

Unlike traditional in-person interviews, virtual interviews offer significant time and resource savings, eliminating the need for transportation expenses and reducing logistical challenges. If you’re new to virtual interviews, don’t be intimidated. Think of them as professional video calls conducted from the comfort of your chosen venue.

Consider the following virtual interview tips to ensure your next one goes smoothly:

Do a “tech-check” ahead of the interview

Make sure your device is fully charged, check your internet connection, and examine your audio & video. You need to make a good first impression and the last thing hiring managers want to do is tell you to unmute yourself multiple times because they can’t hear you. Save yourself the embarrassment and save the interviewer their time by making sure everything works at least 10 minutes before the interview starts.

Choose a quiet and well-lit location

It’s no use having a strong internet connection and crystal-clear audio and video if it sounds like a war is going on in your surroundings. Select a location that is professionally appropriate and will have the decorum you require for at least the duration of the interview. Also, make sure you have good lighting, part of selling yourself in an interview involves investing in your visual appearance.

Maintain a good demeanor & professional body language

A virtual interview might remind you of a video call with a friend but keep in mind that it’s a professional meeting. Speak clearly, sit up straight, maintain “eye contact”, and demonstrate formally appropriate body language and confidence like in an in-person interview.

Dress up like it’s a physical interview

It might be tempting to wear a casual outfit but please don’t, you do not want to give the impression that the interview isn’t important to you. Even though only part of your body may be visible, formal attire demonstrates your commitment and respect for the opportunity.

Make sure you prepare and practice

This is a bit of an obvious fact but it’s on this list for emphasis. The same way you would research the company, the role you’re applying to fill, and how to answer common questions for an on-site meeting is the same way you should prepare for a virtual meeting. Consider recording yourself practicing to refine your presentation and address any areas needing improvement.

By following these virtual interview tips, you’ll be well-prepared to make a positive impression and excel in your virtual interview. Good luck!

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