Why Hire a Human Resource Service Company?

With the constant change in business dynamics, it is important to always push the right buttons in every aspect of your business, including hiring the right staffs and managing them properly for increased productivity.

The result for this can only be achieved with the right input, and having professionals handle your recruitment/hiring process, as well as effectively managing your staffs in general.

 The services of a HR Service Company also entail Marketing Models/ Sales force system, risk management capabilities coupled with the manpower service guarantee in order to provide clients with the best labor force available with the lowest risk of potential liability.

A HR Service Company offers organizations a soft landing in improving Professional Services, profitability and providing the right staffing. This is structured to lift the burden of employing and managing your Employees (Eg Marketing Staff, Factory workers, Drivers, Outsourced Personnel etc). In today’s complex and highly competitive environment, profitability means much more than simply delivering high quality services. It requires strategic business planning, financial and reimbursement expertise, sound marketing strategies and more.

The Services rendered by a HR Service Company includes but is not limited to. .

Recruitment Service, Human Resource Crisis Management, Payroll Administration, Compliance, Talent Management, Employee Engagement Initiatives, Workforce Planning, etc.

Recruitment Service

·       Assist the client identify the appropriate job title for the workers needed

(Prevailing wage implications)

·       Assist the client to verify job descriptions and job requirements

·       Identify the appropriate prevailing wage for the category

·       Assist the client identify from which part of the country or state or city the labor

should be sourced from

·       Assist the client in identifying the number of workers necessary for the job Interview and suggest local bonding companies for the performance, payment

and repatriation bonds

·       Assist the client identify a government approved housing facility for the workers



To be continued . . .

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